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How do you build a capsule wardrobe?

Build a Capsule Wardrobe:

Complete guide

Are you also tired of having a huge closet, but still having nothing to wear? In this blog, we’ll help you build a lean wardrobe: a smaller clothing collection with only your personal essentials and the items you truly love. Having a lean wardrobe is not only cheaper, it is also more sustainable, easier to store (bye huge-ass closet, hello new bedroom space!), and you will never spend much time in the morning anymore trying to figure out what to wear. The exercise of building a lean wardrobe does not only improve your clothing collection, it also is a very effective way of discovering your personal style and preferences, which helps a lot when buying new items. So, wanna get started? Read further now and build your own lean, minimalist wardrobe!

1. What should your capsule wardrobe contain for your everyday life?

First, before you even get busy deciding what you really like and which clothes are your favourites, you need to determine what you actually need in your day-to-day life. After all, the lean wardrobe of a professional sports(wo)man would look very different compared to the one of a real estate agent. So, what do you actually do every day, and which clothes, shoes and accessories do you need when doing what? If you work at an office where they require you to dress formally, you’ll probably need some nice pantalons and tops. When you live in a cold area and work at home, a few sweaters are usually inevitable. And don’t be afraid to spend some money on these items: it’s way better to have a few clothes of really high quality, that you can wear every week for a long time, than to buy a lot of fast-fashion throwaway-pieces that will not even fit as well as timeless items do. In short, determining what you need to live your everyday life is the most important step in heading towards a lean wardrobe.

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2.Which clothes are your current absolute favourites?

After you made clear what you’ll need in your collection, we’ll now determine what you actually like. Whether you need formal, informal or any other type of clothing for your lifestyle, you’ll still see that, within that particular category, you have a huge choice. And that’s where your own personal style kicks in. But how do you decide what really is your style, and what you truly love? Nowadays it is so appealing and easy to lift on whatever trend there is at the moment, right? And it might seem that the current shirt or dress you are eyeballing is totally your future favourite, but this could also be a smart marketing strategy or viral trend distracting you. In order to discover your own, personal clothing identity, you need to take a look at your current wardrobe.

There are probably a lot of items you’ve been wearing just a few times, and after that you decided that:

1. You were not crazy about them after all,
2. That sweater actually really itches, or those shoes hurt after a few hours of wearing them
3. You really do like the item, but you just never wear it (hi, people that always buy 500 cocktail dresses, we know what you’re going through)

So, all of these were not really successful investments, right? But now, let’s take a look at the pieces that were. Think of clothing that you cannot stop wearing, even if it already is a few years old: the Favourites.  These are the items you really need to thoroughly analyse right now, so try to figure out why you like these so much. Do you just love the color, the style, or the design, or does it fit perfectly into your everyday life? Determine for every Favourite why it was so successful, and try to find a general tendency throughout your stash of Favourites. Maybe you’ll find out that you are crazy about knitted dresses in any colour, or that you look absolutely dashing in a navy blue top or dress. Write down your favourite colours, styles and designs, and you have your personal clothing identity right in front of you!

3. Clear The Clutter

Then, after determining 1) what you really need and 2) what you really like, the wardrobe revolution can begin! Throw out every piece that you haven’t been wearing in months or years, or that you just really do not like. Some tips to clear the clutter:

a. Whenever you’re doubting about an item, put it away in a bag and hide it somewhere for a few weeks or months. If you haven’t missed it after that, you do not need it.
b. Do not throw away clothing that’s still okay to wear, but try to give it a second life. For example by selling it (through vinted.com for example), by giving it away, or at least by throwing it into a special clothing container. This way, you prevent them to add up to landfill, and you significantly lengthen the item’s life.

4. Sustainably Renew Your Lean Wardrobe

So, now you’re left with a wardrobe full of Favourites. That’s great, right? Yet, maybe some of your favourites are a little worn out, or do not have the greatest quality. It’s also possible that you have thrown out so many pieces that you have too little left to live with. But don’t worry, that’s okay: it is now time to renew your lean wardrobe step by step. This means that, whenever an item is worn out, you try to buy the same or a similar one, but then in the highest quality possible. Don’t be afraid to spend some money: your real favourites are totally worth it, and when you buy real quality you can wear them weekly for many, many years. Thus, a real investment. Also, when buying new items, always keep in mind your personal clothing identity, and try to stay away from fast fashion trends and marketing campaigns that will try to sneak back into your closet. Stick to your Favourites, and your own personal style.

Finally, whenever possible, try to buy your favourites at a sustainable and ethical brand. This way, you significantly reduce your environmental footprint, and you make sure no one is treated in an unethical manner when making your new item. Don’t know where to look for sustainable clothing for you lean wardrobe? Take a look at our Peponi Fashion clothing collection, and you mind find your new timeless wardrobe essential 😉

What is your personal style? And how would you like to build a lean wardrobe? Let me know in the comments!