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Care Instructions

Tencel Lyocell Care instructions

The fabric Tencel is 2000 times less prone to bacteria than other fabrics like polyester. Therefore, you only need to wash your items very little. When you do need to wash them, be careful, and only wash Tencel items by hand! The fabric is very strong and can last a long time, but is at the same time delicate, like for example silk or wool, and therefore could be damaged by the machine. Washing by hand will lengthen the lifetime of your clothes significantly. And besides that, it is more sustainable as well! Check the cleaning tips below for more info. 

The best way to dry Tencel is by airing it. Your Tencel items will seem a little stiff when wet, but when they dry up the material softens again. If you put them on a hanger, the garment will not have wrinkles and does not require ironing. 

Organic Cotton Care instructions

The soft organic cotton fiber we use is very easy to take care for. You can wash it in the machine at 30 degrees. To prevent pilling or other damages, we recommend you to wash it inside out and on a delicate cycle. 

It is better not to use the tumble dryer, and dry it by airing instead. This is more sustainable, and will lengthen the lifetime of your clothes.  

Remove stains and bad smell in no time!

Cleaning Tips

Step 1

Removing Stains


Grease is most often the cause for annoying stains in your clothes. When you notice a grease stain in your Tencel item, try to remove it as soon as possible to prevent attachment to the fibers. Put either baking soda, vinegar, or a natural stain remover on the stain and leave it on for approximately 30 minutes. Then, gently rinse it out with cold water (max 30 degrees). Repeat process if stain is not completely gone. Didn’t it work? Here you can find more ways to remove grease stains. 


When you find sweat stains on your item, the best way to remove them is to let your Tencel clothing soak in water with some vinegar. This will remove any odor as well. The vinegar doesn’t smell too good when your garment is wet, but you will see this smell is completely gone when your favourite has dried up.

Wine, Coffee, Tomatoes

Other difficult stains to remove are those of dark substances like wine, coffee, or tomatoe juice. In order to successfully remove these, you need to follow a few steps directly after the stain was made:

1. Use salt or baking soda to ‘lift’ the stain up from the fabric.

2. Remove the salt or baking soda with a little water with vinegar. 

Have you found any other solutions to remove difficult stains?  Please, tell us all about it! 

Step 2

Removing Odor

A little dirty

Removing odor from your Tencel garment is very simple, as the fabric naturally is bacteria-resistant. When you feel like your garment could freshen up a little bit, you could steam it a little bit by hanging it in the bathroom or by using one of our favourites: the hand steamer

Very dirty

We’ve all been there: you went on a great a night out, and your favourite top didn’t really survive the many beer accidents. When your Tencel clothing is in high need for a good clean, you will see this method does wonders: put your item in a bucket and fill it with water and some vinegar. Leave it in there for the night, and give the garment a small hand wash with natural detergent the day after. You will see it will look as new again!

Step 3

Remove Wrinkles

After Washing

After washing, hang your clothes on a hanger to dry. Gravity will do the work for you, and will remove most -if not all- wrinkles without ironing. 

Perfectly Wrinkle-Free

Hanging your clothing after washing removes wrinkles well, but sometimes you just want to look absolutely flawless. When ironing, please use the steam setting and do not iron on a high temperature. If you really hate ironing (we do too!) you can also use a hand steamer , this is also great for a quick fresh-up of your clothes!