The Importance Of Comfort

Even if a sweater, dress or pair of trousers looks amazing, it will end up in the back of your closet if it does not feel good when wearing it. But what makes a garment feel comfortable, and is that the same for everyone? How can you make sure that you recognise comfort before buying? Read all about it in this blog!

The Five Key Traits Your Clothing Should Have To Truly Be Sustainable

Most brands that advocate sustainability go for ethical production, sustainable fabrics, less plastic use and local production. But what if we told you that your clothing needs a little more, to truly be sustainable? After all, a garment can be produced with a very low environmental impact, but if we do not wear it -or just very little- it has been a useless impact after all. Therefore, in this blog, we explain which five traits are key for your clothing to get worn over and over again, and thus truly be sustainable. 

What is Tencel?

What is Tencel Lyocell? And how is Tencel made? In this blog we tell you everything about this sustainable fabric. Read all about it now!