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The Importance of Comfort.

How to never buy uncomfortable clothing anymore!

Scientific studies have shown that comfort is one of the most important traits of clothes for people. And to be fair: we already knew that, right? Even if a sweater, dress or pair of trousers looks amazing, it will end up in the back of your closet if it does not feel well when wearing it. But what makes a garment feel comfortable, and is that the same for everyone? How can you make sure that you recognise comfort before buying? Read all about it in this blog, and you will never accidentally buy uncomfortable clothing anymore!

 Does it Fit well?

First of all, of course it is incredibly important for your clothing to have a great fit, which means you should know everything about your own size. Yet, in a world where every brand seems to have its own system of sizing (sometimes there is even a huge difference withín brands for the same size), it is not always that easy to buy the right piece of clothing. Therefore, before even thinking about buying, you could measure the size of your body parts (shoulders, bust, waist, legs..), and write them down. This way you get to know your own body very well, and you will instantly recognise your own size when looking at the size charts online. 

 Heat Regulation

Besides fit, the heat regulation properties of fibers are also important to take into account when you want to buy comfortable clothing. Some fibers, mostly synthetic ones like polyester, rayon, or nylon, are not that breathable (as they are basically made of plastic). This means that you will easily sweat and get overheated on warmer days or when moving around. It is better to go for more natural fibers, like organic cotton, linen, or Tencel Lyocell, as these have natural heat regulating properties: they keep you cool in the summer, and relatively warm in the winter. 

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Choice of Fabric type

Besides the fiber used for the fabric, the fabric type itself is also interesting to look at. Roughly there are two types of fabric: woven fabrics, and knitted fabrics. Woven fabrics are typically used for the more formal garments. These fabrics usually have a luxurious look and feel, are soft to touch, but are not elastic. Blouses, pantalons and wrap dresses are often made with this fabric type. If you like this slick, blouse-like feeling on your skin, you should therefore definitely go for woven fabrics. 

The knitted fabrics are mostly used for more informal clothing. Sweaters, t-shirts and long vests are typically made with this soft, more elastic fabric. There are countless versions of knitted fabrics, from very thin, silky shirts to very thick, knitted sweaters. So, if you go for a knitted item, it is always good to try and feel the particular fabric on your skin before buying, as the level of comfort can highly differ. 

Freedom of Movement

Finally, the freedom of movement in clothing design is also a determining factor for comfort. Especially if you work with woven fabrics, some extra fabric at the moving parts of your body are essential in order to feel comfortable. You probably know the feeling of wearing a tailored long-sleeve blouse that does not allow you to even move your arms… so that is definitely something to keep in mind! Especially the shoulders, the knees, and the fabric around the waist (with dresses or jumpsuits, for example), should give you enough space to move around, sit down, raise your arms, or eat something, without the feeling that you cannot breathe. 

So, now you know everything you need to know when looking for comfortable clothing. Is there something that you usually do to check whether an item is truly comfortable? Let us know in the comments!