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The sustainable fabric made by Lenzing 

What is Tencel?

Tencel Lyocell

Have you ever heard of Tencel? Tencel is a sustainable fibre made by the Austrian company Lenzing. This fibre is also often known as Lyocell. The two are basically the same, but Tencel is the official brand name of fabrics produced by Lenzing (sort of a Kleenex vs tissue situation).

Tencel Lyocell fabric is made of sustainably sourced eucalyptus wood, a very sustainable tree. Besides that, Lenzing is very strict in forest management: all of the wood harvested from the forests needs to be replanted, in order to keep a balanced system and to make sure deforestation is not an option.

Then, the wood is converted into soft, breathable fabric in a closed-loop process in a factory. In 2002, this process won the European Technology Award for Sustainable Development, as it’s impact on the environment is a lot less compared to other fabric production processes: it uses significantly less water, less energy, and barely releases any residuals into the environment. 

The result is Tencel Lyocell: a very soft, silky fabric with a slight shine and a great drape. This fabric turned out to be 2000 times less prone to bacteria than polyester, a fabric used very often for the production of clothing. It is a strong fabric, and when taken care of it can reach a long lifetime. Also, it is 100% biodegradable and recyclable. Talk about sustainability! 

Would you like to see what Tencel fashion looks like? Or would you like to try it for yourself? Take a look around in our webshop!




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